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Dear Friends and Neighbor’s,

It has been a privilege to be your District 28 State Representative for the past two years. As your State Representative I’ve had the responsibility of sitting on four committees (Small Business, Special Legislation, Municipal Government and Committee on Corporations). The experience gained on these committees have been of considerable value to me as it helped me to gain a sound understanding of each committee.

As your State Representative l have introduced legislation  to reduce sales tax, initiate line item veto, establish an Inspector General, reduce regulations on small businesses and many other legislation that would improve the business climate in our State. I introduced House Bill 5291; which was signed into law by the Governor in 2019; a bill that gives a greater degree of transparency on all executive orders issued by the Governor.

My two years as State Representative has given me a good working knowledge of the operational procedures of our State Government and has given me valuable experience as a State Representative.  Whether I’m handing out out a citation of achievement to an accomplished member of the community or introducing a citizen on the Statehouse floor for their service to our community, it has truly been an honor.  I look forward to earning your support in my campaign to represent District 28 for the coming years.

Respectfully at your service Representative George Nardone.

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